Coral Triangle Center Foundation

 Site  and  Facility  Coordinator
  • Min.  Bachelor  Degree  in  Management,  Engineering,  and  Hospitality
  • Experienced   in   related   field  including   construction   and   operations   maintenance  and  equivalent  position level  for  min.  5 years
  • Arrange  the  work  plan  and  budget  for  the  implementation
  • Coordinate   and   take   control   to   perform   the   most   effective   and   efficient   budget consumption/usage
  • Able  to  do performance  management  and  KPI
  • Supervise  and control  unit  performance  below
  • A   great   leader,   problem   solver   with   high   integrity and   ability   to   work   effectively   under pressure and meet  deadlines
Duties  & Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible   for day-to-day operations   of   the   Center   for   Marine   Conservation   (CTC   Regional Hub)   during construction   period (project   management   coordination) and later in the operational  stage.
  2. Assist  in  procurement  and  contract  management  including  document preparation  to  put  out tenders   for  contractors;   project   management and supervising and coordinating the work of contractors;   calculating   and   comparing   costs   for   required   goods   or   services   to   achieve maximum  value  for  money;
  3. Assist   in   preparation   and   administration   of   all   required   licenses,   permits   and   documents related   to   the   building   and   properties   (IMB,   Operations   &   Business   Registration,   local Banjar/Desa)  and those  with utilities,  communications  and  infrastructure  providers  to  ensure compliance  and  smooth operational  of  the Center.
The  position  is  based  at CTC  office  in  Bali and  no  relocation  allowance  will  be  provided.  It  requires some
evening  and  weekend  work  to  achieve  program  goals
Please  send  your  CV  and  application  letter  to  : [email protected]
(Closing  date  for  application: 30  June  2016)